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by: webFrog


A new beginning
Finish the first level

New Horizons
Finish the first stage (Finish the lite version)

Double Whooper
Eat 2 good things - at the same time - with one frog

Green Tooth
Eat a total of 500 wasps and bugs without loosing a frog

Reach 3 stars in level 4-8

Last Frog Standing
Finish a level with only one frog left

Super Bomber Frog
Kill 100 bugs or wasps with the bomb

So Decadent
Finish a level with 3 stars + 2 powerstars in the inventory

Color Proof
Play level 5-8 without eating a wrong color

Bad Luck
Get killed by gambling box 20x

Highscore 6-8
Get a score of 10.000 in level 6-8

Sharp Shooter
Finish level 8-1 without eating a bug or a wasp and get at least 2 stars

Time is Relative
Finish level 8-3 without using the clock and get at least 2 stars

Speedy Frog
Finish level 8-4 with 3 stars in under 120 seconds

Frog Run
Finish the game (level 8-8)


Frog ClaSh

Copyright 2011 Till and Michaela Maginot. All rights reserved.

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