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Update is there (high resolution version)

As you may have noticed: The update is there, at least for the high resolution version Frog ClaSh hr (formerly known as Frog ClaSh HD).
We changed the name to make it more clear that this version is NOT iPad only but for devices of the 4th generation in connection with the retina display too (that would be the iPhone 4G and the iPod touch 4G).

Here is the complete changelog of the HR version.

+ Frog ClaSh HD is now HR (high resolution) to make clear it works for the iPhone too.
+ choose your speed / difficulty the faster you play the more points you get!
+ instantly choose the stage you want to play
+ faster points & score counter at the end of a level.
+ bug fixes
+ direct link to privacy policy
+ adjusted achievements 1, 2 & 13
+ adjusted difficulty of stage 5, 7 & 8

We also want to let you know that we've updated the privacy policy .
10-03-2011 (08:09:37) by: webFrog



Frog ClaSh

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