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HD version and iPod touch 2G, FrogClaSh Trailer

I'm so relieved. I've got an 2G iPod touch today and tested the HD (!) version on it.. it does load up to 16 Seconds until the game stars but then it does run quite well (with SD content!) for 2G hardware.

Absolutely playable.

I'm very happy that the (bigger) HD version now loads quite fast on the 2G even though this version was meant to be used on 4G and iPad only.

If you just own older hardware you can get the SD version. But if you have several devices simply grab the HD version and play it on 2G, 3G, 4G and the iPad - the game will adopt to the hardware automatically.


Also I'm working on the trailer atm. So we can show some in-game footage of the app when it's released.

This trailer and some more screenshots will show up in the media section. 

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Frog ClaSh

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